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Design Studio:
Image Stacking

Image Stacking is your tool for combining CRUSE scans. Mix up to 3 scans with different light settings to archive other results!


Image Stacking software is designed to give users an easy way to overlay single scans of the same template to create a new mix.

To do this, they use our scanning software to create a group scan with various texture scans, which are then automatically loaded with the workflow function in image stacking for further processing.

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Image Stacking_2.jpg

Mathematically, such a mixture corresponds to a scan in which the illumination of the input scans overlaps. If, for example, lighting from left and right is mixed, lighting from both sides can also be digitally derived. Compared to a scan, such a digital derivation is faster and even possible if the original is no longer available for scanning.

Our scanners capture your original under different lighting configurations. This results in scans in which the structures on the surface can be specially worked out or uniformly illuminated.

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