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Virtual Film Software

Cost effective solution to scan your microfilm collection

Virtual Film Software is an add-on software product that adds permanent microfilm conversion functionality to NextStarPlus software and RSD (Ribbon Storage Device) for a lower cost than most other film archiving methods. This software features the ribbon scanning technique which has 100% image capture and allows you to view scanned ribbon files like you would on a film reader, but here as a scrollable digital copy.

Key Features of Virtual Film Software

Image Quality

Accessible through an computer with a viewing license, the images in the ribbon are stored in the full 8-bit grayscale format at the time of capture so all the original data is available for editing.

NextScan Ribbon Scanning Technique


Ribbon scanning is  technique that captures a full roll of microfilm or an entire microfiche card in one continuous image which can be later be separated into individual images. This technique features edge-to-edge scanning that guarantees 100% capture of images, preventing information loss and reducing the need for re-scans.

Quality Assurance


QA / QC processes such as segmenting, adjusting quality, or lightening/darkening text can be done through the software at any point. Changes can be saved within Virtual Film and viewed by any system with access.

File Output


Within the Virtual Film Software, individual images can be saved to disk, emailed or printed into a variety of formats including JPEG, PDF and TIFF.



Film is capable of being indexed by the label on the box of film or title bar on fiche, but with the simplicity of a easily retrievable digital archive. Electronic indexes to the film it can be imported or if the film is blipped, it can be automatically added to the index.  

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