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Scanning Service Pricing/FAQs

Email or Submit Request
Please contact our sales team by either emailing or submit a contact form

Give us a call to discuss your
project in more detail
(972) 492-0930

Image Retrieval offers flat rate pricing for all services provided in-house.

Please use the charts below to calculate pricing for your project.

If your project exceeds the quantities listed below, please contact us with more information about your needs and an Image Retrieval sales representative will provide you with pricing based on your specifications. 

Microfilm Scanning

1 Roll

2 - 5 Rolls

6 - 10 Rolls

11 - 20 Rolls

20 + Rolls

Please contact us


Price per Roll

All microfilm orders are scanned at 200 to 300 dpi with the choice of JPEG or TIFF output.

Prices are for 100ft rolls.

Minimum Charge of $125 on all scanning services

Microfiche Scanning

1 - 50

51 - 100

101 - 200

200 + Fiche

Please contact us


Price per Fiche

All microfiche are scanned at 200 to 300 dpi with the choice of JPEG or TIFF output.

Prices are for fiche containing 5 rows and 60 or 72 frames.

Book Scanning

1 - 20 Books

300 dpi

400 dpi

600 dpi



Price per Page

Scans will be outputted at JPEG/50 or TIFF unless otherwise arranged.

Books must be under 17''x25'' while open.

Large Format Scanning

1 - 50

51 - 100

101 - 200

200 +

Please contact us


Price per Page

All materials are scanned at 600 dpi with the choice of JPEG/50 or TIFF output unless otherwise requested.

Materials must fit on 25''x36'' surface.

Aperture Cards Scanning

Please contact us regarding your project for pricing


Price per Card

Minimum charge of $125 on all scanning services

External Hard Drive



Thumb Drive



Provide own storage

Searchable PDF (OCR)

PDF without OCR

3 Day Rush



Free transfer




Additional 30%

Other Services

Image Delivery


Post Processing

Price per Image

Rush Delivery

Project Total

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a quantity that exceeds the pricing listed, do you scan larger projects?
Yes! Image Retrieval has performed projects of all sizes. As our pricing generally becomes cheaper with larger projects, we ask our customers to call in and discuss their project details so we can provide accurate pricing.

What if my materials are fragile or need special handling?
We will assess all materials before scanning begins. If special handling is required for the project, we will communicate with you any price changes before the project begins. You will have the right to cancel the project free of charge.

What is involved in microfilm scanning?
Digitizing microfilm entails using a microfilm scanner to convert the 16mm or 35mm frames to a digital image, such as TIFF, PDF, or JPEG.

Do you scan MicroCards?
Image Retrieval is equipped with a wide variety of imaging equipment. Please contact us if you have microcards or any other types of materials not mentioned.

What are aperture cards?
Aperture cards are Hollerith punched PC cards with a 35mm microfilm frame mounted in the hole inside of a clear plastic sleeve; they are used for engineering drawings.

Does Image Retrieval convert maps and books to image?
Yes, we have a variety of large format scanners and book scanners that can digitize materials up to 24" x  36".

Does Image Retrieval provide sample scans for microfilm, microfiche, bound documents, and large format documents?
Yes! Please call us today to set up a free sample scan of your materials. We are confident that our work will demonstrate our experience and knowledge of digital imaging.


How long will it take to scan my Microfilm?
In most cases, we can scan film orders of up to 10 rolls in about one week. For orders over 10 rolls, it can take up to two weeks before we ship the film back to you. We use FedEx priority shipping for all shipments from our facility. You may call our offices any time to receive a more accurate time table for delivery.

Can the materials to be scanned be given a priority status to rush delivery?
Yes. Image Retrieval can adjust production method to provide a faster delivery time. Please contact us for more information.

Does Image Retrieval provide free scan samples?
Yes. We provide free samples for materials to be scanned. Shipping price is not included.

Do you provide partial scans of microfilm to retrieve only a few images?
No, we charge by a per roll basis due to the effort that goes into setting up the scanner for a particular roll. We would provide you with all the images from the roll that you can remove or delete at a later time.

What image format should I choose?
Most of the image files we create for small orders are multipage PDF files. Essentially, you will receive one big PDF for each roll you send us, with each from on your film represented as a page in the file. We recommend PDF as the main format because it very common and uses a free viewer to easily view, search, save, print and scan your images. JPEG's are another widely used image format, but they are only available one image per file and typically require a graphics program in order to view them.

Can you provide other image formats?
Yes. We are able to provide you with just about any image format that is available today. Some formats may require larger storage requirements which may affect the pricing. Please contact us with questions on available image formats.

What equipment do you use for scanning?
Image Retrieval proudly uses NextScan microfilm scanners and i2s book scanners for all services provided in our productions offices. Image Retrieval is the American reseller for i2s equipment and software whose equipment is considered to be an industry leader in digital imaging. We are confident that are equipment along with our expertise will provide our customers with the highest quality scanning services possible.

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