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Convert full microfilm rolls into digital images in just a few minutes

NextScan Eclipse microfilm scanner

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Auto capture

Patented LuminTec Stroboe lighting system

Auto focus

High MTF lens

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Ribbon scanning prevents information loss

The NextScan Eclipse is the fastest 16/35mm roll film scanners on the market. Service bureaus and digitization departments will find the quality and speed of the Eclipse offers superior workflow. The Eclipse high-speed microfilm scanner quickly converts roll film into high quality digital images up to 2200 frames per minute.


A key feature on the Eclipse is the ribbon scanning technique that captures a full roll of microfilm in one continuous image which is later separated into individual images. Ribbon scanning ensures that none of the documents on a roll are missed in the scanning process which prevents information loss and re-scans.

microfilm scanner

Unique Scanner Features 

  • Speeds up to 1000ppm

  • Ribbon scanning software for guaranteed capture and detection

  • High-speed touchless rewind

  • Pre-scan film cleaning rollers (both sides)

  • Patented transport carriage (prevents stretched images or damage)

LuminTec Lighting Technology

LuminTec Lighting increases image clarity without slowing down capture speed. It does this using light tuned to the CCD and then strobing for each scan line.

  • Sharper images

  • No infrared emissions

  • 100,000 hour Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

  • 1/10the the power consumption of incandescent systems

luminTec Light
ribbon scanning screen capture

NextScan Ribbon Scanning Technique

Ribbon scanning is  technique that captures a full roll of microfilm or an entire microfiche card in one continuous image which can be later be separated into individual images. This technique features edge-to-edge scanning that guarantees 100% capture of images, preventing information loss and reducing the need for re-scans.

The Eclipse can handle

all roll film challenges

  • Variable size documents and image positions

  • Multiple output file formats

  • Variable indexing to digital files

  • Captures up to 3 levels of blips

  • Enhancement of signatures and handwritten data on filmed images

microfilm roll

The Eclipse product line comes in three base models:


  • Eclipse 1200

    • 2:16 Minutes Per Roll (16mm/95 ft. Roll)  

  • Eclipse 800

    • 3:40 Minutes Per Roll (16mm/95 ft. Roll)    

  • Eclipse 600

    • 4:54 Minutes Per Roll (16mm/95 ft. Roll)   

Scanning Throughput Speeds:     
Benchmarks based on 200 DPI Scan Resolution, at 24x Reduction Ratio.

Higher scan speeds up to 2,000 PPM available under rental, lease, or contract. 

Scanning Software

nexstar plus screen capure

NextStar PLUS 


Workflow software platform featuring the ribbon scanning technique which ensures 100% capture edge – to – edge scanning of the entire roll, NextStar PLUS software optimizes time, speed and quality in the digitization process. It reduces the need for rescans and minimizes operator set up and QA / QC, streamlining scanning.


Included with software:

  • Automatic frame detection and classification

  • Allows manual corrections before output

  • Tri-level blip detection

  • True optical resolution for all reduction ratios or DPI

  • Outputs in most standard image formats

  • Global and custom Image Enhancement for each image

  • Automatic exposure and gamma adjustment

Optional Software

Virtual Film


Virtual Film is a product that allows the RSD (ribbon storage device) to become a long term microfilm archive at a lower cost than other archiving methods. The archive has the ability to index, edit images and export into most standard formats and the ribbons cannot be viewed without authorization. Can be purchased separately.

  • Lower cost than other archiving methods

  • QC / QA can be done at time of demand

  • Index, edit and export images

  • Can be password protected

Virtual Film Screen Capture
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