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Open System


A fully configurable book scanner for both

self-service and production scanning

i2s eScan Open System book scanner

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Compliant with industry imaging standards

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Scan time under 1 second at 400 x 400 dpi

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Automatic focus, cropping and page detection

Software for production or public access

The eScan Open System is the first fully configurable book scanner designed to fill the specific needs of libraries, archives, service bureaus, and digitization departments around the world. Simple enough for the average library patron and advanced enough for a professional, the eScan can be used for a variety of applications. With both the hardware and software being fully customizable, the eScan Open System can be configured to provide universities, archives, public libraries, service bureaus, and museums with the best configuration for their needs.


Configurable scanner to meet user needs

book scanner eScan configurations
scanned book

Image Quality

The eScan Open System configured with the Eagle camera, is compliant with FADGI, ISO 19264 and Metamorfoze imaging standards. This is the only true archival scanner designed for both public access usage as well as mass digitization.

  • 71 megapixel CMOS Eagle Camera

  • FAGI 3 Star Compliant 

  • 5.6 lp/mm at 300 dpi

  • Captures up to 600 dpi (400 dpi optical)


With high quality and speed being key features for all of i2s products, the eScan Open System is designed to capture images at 400 dpi across the full 15.7 x 22 inch scan surface with an under 1 second scanning time for efficient and quick production.

  • Under 1 second scan time

  • Multiple Scan Triggers (foot pedal, scan glass, keyboard, software)

  • 1.95'' depth of field

  • Consistent focal distance from camera

  • Scan to PDF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG, DNG

eScan public access book scanner
71 mp digital camera

Eagle Camera

Eagle camera, offered by i2s and sold through Image Retrieval, is a high resolution efficiency camera with 71Mpixels for high quality digitization needs. This is a true archival camera designed to provide the highest levels of image fidelity and lightning fast scan speeds.


Eagle Camera Advantages:

  • SIGMA optics and processing algorithms give the best quality images in the center as well as the corners

  • Real time color preview

  • No mechanical shutter

  • Auto-focus

  • One shot capture

  • 6.7 lp/mm at 400 dpi

  • 3.14 inch depth of field

eScan at walking height

Additional Features

  • Output to Hard drive, network, USB, Email, Printer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or FTP

  • Fully Customizable Scanner

  • Curvature Correction

  • Finger Masking

  • Auto Deskew

  • Table-top or walk-up scanner height

  • Multiple output option per scan

  • Book cradle option for books up to 6 inches

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Searchable PDF output

  • 1-Year Service Agreement with Hardware Warranty

Automatic Features


The eScan Open System comes with fully automatic settings such as cropping, focus, exposure time and lighting to offer customizable tools with a user friendly interface suitable for patrons or experienced archivists.

  • Auto Calibration (focus, exposure, lighting correction, and color balance)

  • Automatic page detection (single sheet or open book)

  • Automatic cropping (2 page spread or crop down the gutter)

eScan with book cradle


For easier, more efficient scanning, our accessories are specifically designed to make your projects more streamlined.

  • Motorized book cradle – Supports the binding of thin and thick books to create an even scan surface

  • Scan glass – keeps the pages flat for a flat and consistent scanning surface

  • LED lighting bar – allows for good lighting in almost any type of environment

  • 16/9 touchscreen monitor – for a quicker, more intuitive way to interact with your computer

book scanner modules

Included Software

LIMB Capture software

LIMB Capture


LIMB Capture is an easy to use software that captures and enhances initial scans on any scanner with powerful features such as auto detection, auto calibration and exporting to most standard formats. Included with scanner.

  • Production and public access interface options

  • Compliant with FADGI 3 Star, Metamorfoze and ISO 19264

  • Customizable exporting options

  • Compatible with any scanner and LIMB products

 Optional Software



Scantheus is a powerful, new book scanning software designed to meet demanding modern production needs with an array of robust yet simple features. Scantheus is able to run on the i2s CopiBook OS, eScan Open System, IImage Retrieval’s Gemini scanner and the Nikon D810 DSLR camera. Can be purchased separately.

  • Simple interface

  • Customizable camera settings

  • Ability to define fixed scan area

  • Can automatically scan after each page turn

Scantheus software
LIMB post processing software

LIMB Suite


The LIMB Suite is a comprehensive software suite that covers all aspects of the digitization process. It  is compatible with every scanner from initial scans to final export for publishing, online distribution and long term archiving. Can be purchased separately.

  • Step by step tools

  • Ability to add metadata & convert formats

  • Easy exporting & sharing

  • Intuitive workflow interface

Technical Specifications

Scan format

  • Multiple Formats: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PDF, JPEG2000

  • Output Destinations: email, USB,printers, cloud, network, LIMB gallery, archiving platforms, and social networks

  • Windows 7 Platform



  • i2s developed area sensor camera

  • No mechanical shutter for long camera life

  • Real time camera preview

  • 22'' x 15.7'' scanning surface

  • True Optical 400 x 400 dpi capture

  • LED lighting controlled by the software

  • Book cradle option for books up to 6 inches

  • Table top and kiosk options to be placed in the most convenient location

  • Optional scan glass to provide flat images

  • Under 1 second scan time

  • Option of a 'self-service' or 'production' software interface

  • ICC color management capabilities (production)

  • Multiple Scan triggers

  • Captures in color, grayscale, and bitonal


  • Auto focus

  • Auto Cropping: Book/Documents can automatically be detected and cropped

  • Page Detection: Automatically detects and splits separate pages into two images

  • 3.1'' depth of field

  • Fully Automatic settings: Format, resolution, focus, exposure time, lighting correction

  • Intuitive software design


Additional information

  • Easy connection with library software via TWAIN drivers and documented drivers

  • Connects to printers, card readers, payment systems, and barcode readers

  • 1-Year Depot Warranty

  • FADGI Compliant

  • Low energy consumption for green environment


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