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We understand that each institution and company has different needs and abilities when approaching digitization projects. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the digitization industry and sell the top of the line hardware as well as offer the services to help you successfully digitize almost any collection of materials. Image Retrieval representatives would be happy to speak with you via phone or email to find out what’s right for your project. If we are not able to help, we would also be happy to direct you to someone who can.

Image Retrieval offers the following solutions

White Papers written by Image Retrieval CEO

Written by Derek Jenkins, CEO, Image Retrieval

These white papers offer a non-technical, easy to understand appraisal of how to evaluate scanners and their information so the average user can make an informed decision. While they were written with IIRI scanners in mind, the information can be used to evaluate almost any other scanner available on the market. If you have further inquiries, please contact us with your questions.

how to evaluae a scnner white paper
The truth in number white paper
Digital Film Capture white paper
how to plan for production film scanning


A look at the most relevant criteria when evaluating a book scanner.


A follow up to the first paper, this paper is a more in-depth look at the specifications of a good book scanner.


 A look at the procedures of digitizing microform.


Aspects that need to be considered for setting up and implementing a production level film project.


We offer a wide range of scanners that provide imaging solutions from public access to large format FADGI 4*. Our partnership with high quality imaging companies such as i2s, NextScan, and 4 Digital Books has allowed us deliver top of the line equipment to a wide range of customers and markets.  We understand that you have to balance many factors, including price and quality when selecting a scanner. We are here to help you find the best solution for your needs. Whether you have microfilm or fragile books, we offer scanners that can digitize almost any collection.

i2s and nextscan scanners


various imaging software

Image Retrieval has partnered with industry leaders in document imaging software such as i2s and we can provide you a complete solution that fits your particular needs. If needed, we also develop or enhance custom software to provide our customers with a tailored solution that directly helps them overcome their obstacles. 

Our most popular software is the LIMB Suite from i2s. LIMB is a comprehensive, step by step software suite that takes images from initial scans to publishing. By using an intuitive workflow interface, the software is able to process all kinds of books, documents, microfilm, and microfiche. LIMB suite has three main software components: LIMB Processing, LIMB Gallery, and LIMB Maestro. LIMB Processing enhances images with features like cropping, deskew, and background removal. It also has a Quality Control phase, metadata creation, and outputs to multiple image formats. LIMB Gallery publishes your collection to a local or cloud based library.for online distribution. LIMB Maestro supervises and optimizes your entire project, or multiple projects, with simple to user controls.

Training and Support

In this highly competitive industry, keeping your equipment and operators running at peak performance is a must. Our trained and certified engineering staff can assist you in answering all your technical support issues. IImage Retrieval is also a service bureau and we use the same equipment that we sell to our customers, so our staff is constantly training and using these systems to keep their skills high. We understand how even minor system failures impact your workflow and are here to assist you in a timely manner.

We also offer training for operators to learn how to use any of the i2s equipment, which can be done at our office in Dallas, Texas or on site at your location.

For institutions that currently have i2s or NextScan equipment that needs to be moved to a new location, IIRI can assist with the transition to ensure that the equipment is not damaged.

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