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Production application for i2S CopiBook OS, IIRI Gemini & Nikon D810 DSLR Camera

Building from previous software and learning the needs from our customers, Scantheus is a powerful, new book scanning software designed for 21st century needs. Featuring a simple user interface and customizable settings, Scantheus is able to run the i2s CopiBook OS scanner, the IImage Retrieval Gemini scanner and the Nikon D810 DSLR camera. It runs on any Windows 64bit PC with USB 3.x ports.

Key Features of Scantheus



  • Automated and customizable camera calibration

  • Customizable camera settings

  • Motion detect scan option - scan is triggered automatically after page turn

  • Ability to define fixed scan area (region of interest)

  • Calibration using color chart or black and white pages.

  • Auto Detect and Fixed Page Extraction

  • Single, Dual and Multipage Detection

scantheus screen grab
scantheus settings

Metadata & Output


  • Customizable file naming          

  • TIFF, JPEG and PDF output

  • EXIF tag support

  • Single and Multipage file output

  • Color, grayscale and bitonal

Processing & Enhancement 


  • Scalable DPI

  • Ability to modify scanned pages (rotate, crop, auto deskew, manual deskew, delete, move)

  • Can insert scanned pages anywhere in book

scan and crop book
real time preview of book scanning software



  • Simple Interface

  • Live Preview showing Document Detect and Cropping

  • Customizable thumbnail book view

Exclusive Gemini Features


  • Two-camera support

  • Ability to merge 2 pages at scan time

  • Can merge two scanned images from thumbnails

Gemini portable book scanner
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