Post Processing
Book Capture
Film Capture
Digital Library

LIMB Processing

LIMB Processing is a step by step software allowing libraries, archives, digitization departments and service bureaus to enrich scanned images with tools to cleanup, QC / QA, add metadata and convert formats.

LIMB Maestro

LIMB Maestro is supervision software used with other LIMB products to plan, prioritize and optimize mass digitization projects at every step of the process.

LIMB Gallery

LIMB Gallery is an easy solution to publish, manage and share your digital images, videos, audio and metadata online by creating a digital library.


IIRISA is a production software for the i2s CopiBook COBALT that is designed to cut production times and create more streamlined scanning experience.


Scantheus is a powerful, new book scanner software featuring a simple interface and customizable settings. It runs the i2s CopiBook OS, the Gemini and the Nikon D810 DSLR.

Virtual Film Software

Virtual Film allows the RSD to become a long term microfilm archive capable of indexing, editing and exporting images at a lower cost than other archiving methods.