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LIMB Gallery


Polished digital library to publish and share your content online

LIMB Gallery, formerly knowns as YooLIB, is a fast and easy way to build and share digital collections online. With a focus on enrichment and sharing, Gallery delivers the best solution to publish, manage and share content online. The overall presentation is made to be simple and clear for an enjoyable user experience through an eye catching and user friendly interface that provides tools for the user to have maximum discovery of requested information. Gallery is the final tool from the LIMB suite of products needed to make your materials available globally.

Key Features of LIMB Gallery

Powerful Search Engine


Patrons can easily browse and search collections.

Multiple Viewers


Browse and access content by localization, chronological, page flipping or mosaic.

Sharing Your Library


Facebook share features increase online presence and visibility.

Multi-Platform Support


View library from any computer, tablet or phone.

Hosted or Licensed


Gallery is offered as either hosted subscription or one time licensing cost.

All Sized Libraries


Gallery is built to handle libraries of any size.

For more in depth information about LIMB Gallery 

please visit our LIMB Software Suite website

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