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Portal Scanner

A New Milestone for Scanning
Large Originals


Scan Large Items in
High Resolution


Telecentric Lens


Capture in 2D & 3D


Custom Sizes Built
for Your Project

Portal Technology

With the Portal Scanner series, we are able to scan very large originals with perfect orthoscopic imaging and uniform illumination. Through orthoscopic imaging, we guarantee distortion-free digitization of originals in sizes of more than 78 inches in both dimensions.


The original is recorded in strips using so-called portal technology, and these strips are calculated in real time into a single scan. This is made possible by consistently high precision both in the optics and in the driving movements. The scanning processes and the portal technology are fully automated and do not require any user intervention.


The Portal Scanner series can be produced in different sizes and is therefore adaptable to the unique needs of the customer.


• Scan area and optical resolution (e.g., 600ppi or 1200ppi) are adjusted according to customer requirements

• CCD with 10µm pixel size

• Telecentric lens

• Adjustable according to customer requirements; for example, with a vacuum function divided into zones or a heavy-duty roller support to easily position heavy originals

• Fully automated assembly of scan strips in real time

• Integrated automatic lighting modes: Left + Right, Texture Modes, Light Deflector, Gloss

Technical Specifications

• High-power and color-accurate LEDs (minimum CRI95, usual CRI97 or higher)

• Max. object height 7.87 in

• Max. object weight up to 1322 lbs or more (depending on the model)

• CRUSE Professional Profile


CRUSE Design Studio with the following modules:

• Scan Software

• Template Manager

• Image Stacking

• Factory

• Printer Profiling

Compact Scanner Series Scan Samples

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