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Compliant with FADGI Imaging Standards

No mechanical shutter

Square in a circle

Ideal for your DIY scanners

71 megapixels

Camera Lens


Eagle Camera


Professional Color Camera 

i2s Eagle Camera for Book Scanner

Manufactured by

Eagle camera, which is compliant with ISO 19264, Metamorfoze and FADGI 3 Star, is a high resolution efficiency camera for high quality digitization needs. It is integrated and used without a dedicated book scanner, which makes it compatible with our eScan Open System and CopiBook Open System book scanners. Eagle camera is designed for clarity, details and speed.

71 megapixel camera for book scanner


  • SIGMA optics and processing algorithms give the best quality images in the center as well as the corners

  • Data and power cable

  • API for any software

  • SDK for interface development

  • No mechanical shutter

  • Auto-focus

  • USB 3.0 data transfer technology

  • Warranty including hardware warranty, technical assistance and software updates

  • LED Lighting module that can be fixed to camera support system and has electronic board to drive lighting on LIMB Capture software

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