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Large format scanning doesn't

have to be time intensive.

COPIBOOK OS A1 Book Scanner

Manufactured by

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Scan bound or flat material up to A1 size

Eagle Camera 71mp or

 E-XTRA camera 156 mp

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Less than 1 second

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Fully Mechanical Glass

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The new CopiBook OS A1 is the fastest A1 scanner on the market. It utilizes the same high resolution cameras currently found in the standard CopiBook OS, capturing a large A1 surface area at 400 x 400 dpi in one rapid shot. Quality is not lacking with the A1 scanner’s new E-XTRA camera, embedded with TrueColor technology which provides superior color.  Unlike other A1 scanners on the market, the CopiBook OS A1 does not utilize slow line scan technology. The i2s Eagle and E-XTRA cameras can instantly capture the full A1 scan surface due to their 71 megapixel and 156 megapixel matrix sensors.  Users will experience the best of both worlds with excellent quality and remarkable speed.


The new larger book cradle allows users to scan traditionally over-sized materials that could not fit on standard A2 size book cradles. Now you can instantly scan books, maps, newspapers, documents, and fragile material up to 23.6 x 33.1 inches in less than one second!

As with other i2s scanners, the CopiBook OS A1 has built-in Windows-based LIMB Capture software. LIMB Capture offers real-time color previews before scanning, automatic format detection to help reduce errors, and auto focus.  Additional advantages of LIMB Capture are its multilingual operator interface and the ability to define multiple output formats and settings per crop frame. 


With its impressive sleek design, the book cradle features a fully mechanical scan glass. With the press of a button, the glass will lower, the cradle will automatically auto level and adjust for scan pressure, and the camera will capture. Once completed, the glass will raise to 45° so the user can turn the page. These features, including the front touch pad and foot pedal, create an effortless scanning experience.


        File Formats Include:


·         JPEG/JPEG2000

·         BMP


·         PNG

Scanned book

Image Quality

With image quality being a core priority, i2s set out to develop a production scanner that is compliant with strict guidelines and has fast data transfer to provide customers with the highest quality planetary scanner. Designed with ease in mind, the CopiBook OS A1 XD captures images at 400dpi with real time color previews.

  • FADGI-Compliant, ISO 19264-1, and Metamorfoze Imaging Standards

  • 71 megapixel Eagle, Matrix Sensor Camera 

  • 156 megapixel E-XTRA Camera (CopiBook OS A1 XD)

  • True Optical 300 x 300 dpi or 400 x 400 dpi

  • 100% resolution efficiency (5.9 at 300 dpi

  • 9cm depth of field

  • Capture Modes: 36-bit raw color input, 24-bit processed Color, 8-bit



The CopiBook OS A1 has been designed to make book scanning and other forms of scanning a comfortable and intuitive experience for the scanner operator. The design and functionality of the scanner allows the user to capture the best possible image at the fastest rate.


  • ​Scan Time: <1 second

  • Cycle time < 5 seconds at 300 dpi

  • Maximum Resolution: 1000 x 1000 dpi

  • Productivity: 1000 pages/hour

  • Real time color previews controls scan results prior to image capture

  • An optional second monitor allows the user to view images once scanned

  • Removable self-balancing book cradle with scan glass

  • Cradle mechanically raises and lowers to choose exact pressure placed on material.

  • Non flashing LED light for operator comfort

  • 23.6'' x 33.1” scan surface with glass and books up to 7.8” thick

  • 30.2'' x 42.7” scan surface without book cradle for flat documents 


Automatic Features


The CopiBook OS A1 comes with fully automatic settings such as cropping, focus, exposure time, and lighting to offer customizable tools with a user friendly interface suitable for both novice and experienced users.

  • Auto Calibration: Focus, exposure, lighting correction, and color balance

  • Auto Page & Format Detection (single sheet or open book)

  • Auto Cropping (2 page spread or crop down the gutter)

  • Scan glass automatically raises after each scan

Camera Options

The CopiBook OS A1 has two camera options that are both designed and manufactured by i2s. The Eagle Camera is a high efficiency camera with 71 Megapixels for strict image quality requirements. The new E-XTRA camera uses the latest sensor technology to capture with 156 megapixels. Using an area array, it can capture a full A1 size surface area at 400 dpi. Both i2s cameras are designed for clarity, detail, and speed.


i2s Camera Advantages:

  • SIGMA optics and processing algorithms give the best quality images in the center as well as the corners

  • FADGI-compliant across all metrics

  • < 1 second scan time

  • Real time color preview

  • Camera has an electronic (non-mechanical) shutter for long camera 

  • Auto-focus

  • USB 3.0 data transfer technology

i2s Eagle Camera
Book Scanner

Additional Features


  • Output to hard drive, network, or USB

  • Motorized self-balancing book cradle

  • Multiple Scan Triggers: foot pedal, scan glass, scan button, or software

  • Non flashing and fixed LED lighting for user comfort

  • Includes production PC with monitor for image processing

  • i2S Image Enhancement Software (Curvature Correction, Deskew, and Finger masking)

  • Real time color preview

  • No UV or IR LED Lighting

  • ICC profiles for color management

  • 211 lbs

  • 47.2” (119.8cm) D x 59” (149.8cm) W x 55” (139.7cm) H

  • 1 Year Service Agreement and Hardware Warranty

Accessories and Options


For easier and more efficient scanning, our accessories are specifically designed to make your projects more streamlined, saving you time and money.

  • Removable book cradle with motorization for plates, height adjustment, and glass plate motion

  • LIMB Processing Software  - Post processing software designed to enrich, process, and export digital collections

  • LIMB Gallery Software- Cloud based digital library solution

  • Optical Character Recognition- OCR for searchable PDFs

CopiBook OS A1 Dimensions

CopiBook OS A1 Book Scann DIMEMSIONS

 Included Software

LIMB Capture software

LIMB Capture


LIMB Capture Suite is an easy-to-use software that captures and enhances scans on the i2s CopiBook OS A1 with powerful features such as auto detection, curvature correction, deskew, and multiple format export. Included with scanner.

  • Allows multiple outputs based on frame properties

  • ICC profiles for color management

  • Fine-tuned calibration features available

  • Thumbnails for image review

  • Live preview before scan

 Optional Software



Scantheus is a powerful, new book scanning software designed to meet demanding modern production needs with an array of robust yet simple features. Scantheus is able to run on the i2s CopiBook OS, IImage Retrieval’s Gemini scanner and the Nikon D810 DSLR camera. Available for purchase as an additional option.

  • Simple interface

  • Customizable camera settings

  • Ability to define fixed scan area

  • Can automatically scan after each page turn

Scantheus software
LIMB Processing screen grab

LIMB Suite


The LIMB is a comprehensive software suite that covers all aspects of the digitization process (image enhancement, QA, OCR, format processing, metadata, workflow management, and online distribution). LIMB is compatible with scans captured from any scanner or camera, not just i2s. Available for purchase as an additional option.

  • Step by step tools

  • Ability to add metadata & convert formats

  • Easy exporting & sharing

  • Intuitive workflow interface

Technical Specifications

Scan format

  • Multiple Formats: TIFF, TIFF MULTIPAGE, JPEG, BMP, PDF, JPEG2000, PNG, DNG



  • 300 x 300 dpi Optical Resolution (CopiBook OS A1)

  • 400 x 400 dpi Optical Resolution (CopiBook OS A1 XD)

  • Digitizes flat documents as well as bound items

  • Less than 1 second scan time at 300 dpi across A1 surface

  • 9 cm depth of field

  • 2 user interfaces available: LIMB Capture (Included) and Scantheus for improved production 

  • ICC Profiling

  • Capture Modes: 36-bit raw color input, 24-bit processed Color, 8-bit Grayscale, 1-bit BW

  • Real time color preview

  • Full array camera sensor with bayer filter

  • Captures in color, grayscale, and bitonal



  • Fully Automatic settings: Format, resolution, focus, exposure time, lighting correction

  • Auto Calibration and Auto Focus

  • Auto Cropping: Book/Documents can automatically be detected and cropped

  • Page Detection: Automatically detects and splits separate pages into two images




Additional information

  • Motorized self balancing book cradle

  • Book Cradle can be removed for large flat scan surface (30.2 x 42.7 inches)

  • Includes LIMB Capture scanning application

  • Non flashing and fixed LED lighting for user comfort

  • Includes production PC for image processing

  • 23.6 x 33.1 inch scan surface using integrated book cradle

  • i2S Image Enhancement Software (Curvature Correction, Deskew, and Finger masking

  • Intuitive software design for easy training

  • Camera has an electronic (non-mechanical) shutter for long camera life

  • Each crop box can be configured with its own scan preferences

  • 1 Year Depot Warranty

  • 211 lbs

  • 47.2 in (D) x 59 in (W) x 55 in (H)


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