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LIMB Processing


Image Processing Software for Mass Digitization

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LIMB Processing was developed with a commitment for the post processing needs of cultural documents such as books, archives, ledgers, newspapers, artwork and more. Existing images and newly scanned ones can be processed using the easy interface that has many different tools to guide the user step by step throughout the project. A complete solution to processing, enrichment and conversion, it is the link between scanned images and a variety of different end uses such as publishing, archiving and more.

Key Features of LIMB Processing

Import Digital Images


Images captured from an device can be uploaded for processing.

Digital Image Icon
Image Adjustment

Image Processing


Use a host of tools to enhance batches and individual images.



Optical Character Recognition turns scanned images into searchable content

Search for words in document
PDF Icon

Multiple Exports


Export images in a variety of formats including PDF, TIFF, JPG, JPG2000 and XML.

Publish Content


Upload finished images to LIMB Gallery, FTP or other sites.

upload images to web
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Multiple Packages


Purchase either the desktop version for moderate use or the server version for mass production.

LIMB Suite Website

For more in depth information about LIMB Processing please visit our LIMB Software Suite website

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