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 Unrivaled image quality and versatility, now twice as fast.


Manufactured by

FADGI 4 Star

Four star FAGI compliant

LED light

Advanced LED lighting technology


Captures A0 books and maps up to 600 x 600 dpi

Pressure Sensor

Utilizes A0 scan glass with pressure sensor

Introducing i2s' latest innovation in cultural heritage digitization– the NEW QUARTZ A0 HD, the ultimate large format scanner on the market. This powerhouse excels in scanning books, maps, drawings, arts, newspapers, and more, accommodating materials up to A0 size with a remarkable FADGI 4-star level precision. Renowned as the most versatile and potent book scanner globally, the QUARTZ A0 is dedicated to digitizing large-format and bound documents at unparalleled image quality standards.

With over 30 years of expertise in digital imaging and processing, we've crafted the NEW QUARTZ A0 HD to be the epitome of excellence in image quality, versatility, and user-friendliness. Unlike other book scanners limited to V cradle or standard book cradle options, the QUARTZ A0 stands out by effortlessly scanning bound or flat materials at angles ranging from 180° to 90°. Elevate your digitization experience with the extraordinary capabilities of the QUARTZ A0 HD – setting new benchmarks in quality and ease of use.

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ISO 19264 Logo

FADGI 4* Compliant

Metamorfoze Full

ISO 19264 A

Image Quality


Ensure pristine preservation for your most delicate documents, including ancient books, manuscripts, maps, and newspapers, with the Quartz A0 HD book scanner. Tested, approved, and embraced by libraries, archives, and government agencies worldwide, the QUARTZ A0 HD complies with Metamorfoze and FADGI guidelines, meeting international preservation standards.

Key Features:

  • I2s Designed HD Camera: Crafted with precision for optimal performance.

  • Tri-linear Camera Sensor: Enhances scanning accuracy and image quality.

  • Linear Scan Head: Captures large materials with exceptional resolutions.

  • Fine Optical Resolution Settings: Camera height adjustment for superior optical resolutions.

  • True Optical Resolutions: Ranging from 200 to 1000 dpi for detailed digitization.

  • Performance Metrics:

    • 18 lp/mm at 1000 dpi

    • 7 lp/mm at 400 dpi

Rest assured, the QUARTZ A0 HD stands out as a reliable solution, adhering to Metamorfoze, ISO 19264, and FADGI compliance, ensuring your digitized materials meet the highest industry standards. Elevate your preservation efforts with the unmatched image quality provided by our advanced scanning technology.

Scanning and Productivity

Navigating the complexities of software and lighting in other book scanners can feel like you need a photography degree just to achieve acceptable imaging levels. The QUARTZ A0 HD, coupled with the intuitive LIMB Capture software, breaks through these barriers, making calibration and high-level scanning accessible to everyone.
Key Features:
  • Quick Scan Times:
    • Full A0 Surface at 600 dpi (HD model): 17 seconds
    • Full A0 Surface at 300 dpi: 8.5 seconds
  • User-Friendly Software:
    • Easy calibration and scanner control for seamless operation.
  • Versatile Scanning Capabilities:
    • Captures flat materials up to 51.2 x 36.4 inches
    • Captures bound materials up to 49.2 x 33.5 inches
  • Bi-Directional Scanning:
    • Enhances efficiency with swift scan speeds in correlation with resolution and scan size.
  • Background Saving:
    • No delays between scans, ensuring a continuous workflow.
  • Customizable Scan Area:
    • Define the scan area for quicker scans on smaller items.
The QUARTZ A0 HD sets a new standard by simplifying the scanning process, allowing users to achieve top-tier results without the need for advanced photography knowledge. Experience the efficiency and user-friendly design that empowers you to scan at the industry's highest levels with ease.


Max Format
51.2 x 36.2 inches

Scan Time
8.5 sec at 300 dpi


Optical Resolution
300 x 300 dpi
up to 1000 x 1000 dpi
on smaller formats



Max Format
51.2 x 36.4 inches

Scan Time
8.5 sec at 300 dpi
12 sec at 400 dpi
17s at 600 dpi

Optical Resolution
300 x 300 dpi
up to 1000 x 1000 dpi
on smaller formats


Optimal Lighting for Precision Imaging

In the realm of digital imaging, achieving uniform lighting is paramount to capturing source materials with accuracy. The QUARTZ sets the gold standard by incorporating dual LED light sources positioned on both sides of the camera head, ensuring comprehensive and even illumination across every inch of the material as the scan head captures the image.

Key Lighting Features:

  • Dual Cool LED Lights:

    • Strategically placed for balanced and thorough illumination.

  • UV and IR Emission-Free:

    • Ensures the preservation of source materials by eliminating harmful emissions.

  • Relief Enhancement Features:

    • Tailored for textured items, enhancing the visual depth of your captures.

  • Glare-Free Technology:

    • Mitigates glare even on highly reflective surfaces for crystal-clear imaging.

  • Real-Time Lighting Correction:

    • Maintains optimal lighting conditions throughout the scanning process.

  • Ergonomic Design:

    • Lighting positioned below the operator's eyes for enhanced scanning comfort.

  • Uniform Lighting Capture:

    • Eliminates unwanted shadows, ensuring a flawless representation of your source materials.

Experience the power of dual LED lighting with the QUARTZ, providing unmatched precision and clarity in your digital captures. Elevate your imaging standards with a solution that prioritizes uniform lighting for the most accurate and visually stunning results.



For faster and more efficient scanning, our accessories are specifically designed to make digitizing your material as easy as possible.

  • A0 book cradle with scan glass (BC40)

  • A0 Vacuum Table – The vacuum plate uses suction to hold items flat without damage

  • 90° to 120° book holder for tightly bound books that cannot be opened to a full 180°

  • Light table to digitize transparent documents easier 40x43cm (15.75”x16.93”)

  • FADGI 4 Star calibration by i2s technician for A0 HD

 i2s QUARTZ A0 book scanner

Included Software​

LIMB Capture


LIMB Capture is a powerful new software designed to scan small to large format books, maps, bound and unbound documents, photographs, artwork and even coins. Based on customer feedback, LIMB Capture meets modern demands with strong yet simple to use features. Included with software.

  • Configurable settings such as format, resolution, calibration and quality

  • Single or multi user mode for multiple projects

  • Projects can be stored locally or remotely

  • Optional password protection

YooScan software for i2s QUARTZ

Optional Software​

LIMB processing software

LIMB Suite (Processing, Gallery, Maestro)

The LIMB Suite is a comprehensive software suite that covers all aspects of the digitization process (image enhancement, QA, OCR, format processing, metadata, workflow management, and online distribution). LIMB is compatible with scans captured from any scanner or camera, not just i2s. Available for purchase as an additional option.

  • Step by step tools

  • Ability to add metadata & convert formats

  • Easy exporting & sharing

  • Intuitive workflow interface

QUARTZ A0 Dimensions

Footprint of QUARTZ A0 book scanner

Technical Specifications

Scan format

  • Multiple Formats: TIFF (Uncompressed), TIFF (LZW), PNG, JPG, DNG



  • 200-1000 ppi true optical resolutions

  • 51.2" x 35.7" (A0) scanning surface

  • Bi-Directional Scanning

  • Fast large format scanning

  • Optional 120° book holder for fragile bound works

  • 42-Bit color digitization & 24-Bit Output (16 million colors)


  • Comes complete with the camera, PC, software, and motor.

  • Optional 40cm book cradle to support bound and fat material up to 49.2 x 33.5 inches. 

  • Removable A0 Scan Glass Plate for BC 40

  • Optional 90° Book Holder

  • A0 Vacuum Table



Additional information

  • High resolution line scan camera

  • LIMB Capture Application Software

  • Production level PC included

  • Long life LED lighting

  • No UV and IR emissions

  • Relief enhancement features

  • Optional Vacuum Table

  • Durable with long life expectancy 

  • Image Enhancement & Compression performed while scanning

  • Operator comfort with new ergonomic design

  • Fine Resolution setting due to manual camera height adjustment

  • Real time lighting correction

  • Optional self balancing book cradle with pressure sensitive scan glass

  • 40 cm (A0 scan surface) self balancing book cradles

  • 353 lbs


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