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Refurbished Scanners


For Sale or Monthly Rental  

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High performance quality

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Support, training and warranties 

Guaranteed to be in good condition 

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Refurbished Scanners


As a service bureau, we understand that not all projects justify the high costs of a new book scanner or microfilm scanner. That is why we offer rental programs as well as used/refurbished scanners that are priced for those with a strict budget.

Image Retrieval offers a variety of refurbished book and microfilm scanners. All scanners are guaranteed to be in working condition and are sold "as-is." Equipment can be tested and inspected at the Image Retrieval office in Dallas prior to purchase. Image Retrieval offers free training in our Dallas office or the customer can choose to purchase an onsite installation and training. Shipping charges are not included unless otherwise specified.

Refurbished i2s CopBook

Available Refurbished Scanners

CopiBook HD 600dpi - A2 scanner that captures up to true optical 600dpi


CopiBook 400dpi - A2 scanner that captures up to true optical 400dpi


CopiBook 300dpi - A2 scanner that captures up to true optical 300dpi


The CopiBook line has been our most successful book scanner for more than a decade. During our trade in program, many Image Retrieval customers decided to upgrade to the latest technology by trading in their current CopiBook scanners. We have refurbished these units and made them available for sale or rental.

Please call or email for pricing and availability. 

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