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Design Studio Software

From scanner control and color profiling to 3D export, CRUSE offers comprehensive software that supports users in their scanning processes. The modular design of the CRUSE software allows you to adapt your workflow easily. 

Unique Features

CRUSE offers powerful tools for image processing. Nevertheless, it is important to us that our scanners initially deliver completely unprocessed and raw scans that have not been optimized or otherwise digitally modified. This is because, with any application of filters or algorithms that change the scan data, there is always the danger of irreversibly distorting important details in the image. With this approach, we let the customer decide how and when digital filters should be used.


An example is digital sharpening. Although digital filters often provide a good result, there is no algorithm that perfectly guarantees a good result on all resolutions and lighting variants in combination with each template type.


Design Studio

CRUSE Design Studio is an innovative, easy-to-use software framework that includes all available CRUSE application modules.

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As a core functionality, the Design Studio provides clear management and archiving of the collected data and is the starting point for all further processing steps. Design Studio guides users through defined workflows (CRUSE workflows) to achieve the desired result. Currently running jobs are synchronized and processed fully automatically between the applications.

You can easily adapt all options of a CRUSE workflow to the workflow of your company, save in user- and job-specific templates, and make changes at any time. Even complex scans and further processing steps become a matter of a few clicks for inexperienced users. Of course, this is also possible via the network if several users want to work with the data at the same time. CRUSE Design Studio is expandable, and below you will find an overview of its most important features.

Design Studio Modules

Image Stacking

Your tool for combining CRUSE scans.

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Factory-CRUSE Factory _3d Rendering_1 .jpg


Take your scans to the Third Dimension.


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Calculate your Factory 3D scans.

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3D Viewer

With the 3D-Viewer option for the Image Manager, users can also bring 3D structure scans with gloss from CRUSE Factory to the customer. The CRUSE Image Manager 3D Viewer integrates easily into your website and displays your scan in 3D.

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