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Convert microfilm, microfiche, COM and aperture cards into a digital format

FlexScan scanning microfilm

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High resolution lens

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Patented LuminTec Strobe lighting system

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Scans microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards

Automatic fiche loader accessory 

The flexScan by nextScan is the ideal scanner for service bureaus or internal digitization departments that need to scan microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards at production speeds of 200, 400, 600 or 800 fpm depending on version. Using easily interchangeable modules the scanner can be converted from film to fiche in seconds with an optional automatic fiche loader to improve productivity.


The flexScan system comes with everything needed for high speed production. It features an 8,192 pixel camera and has optional 12K or 16K cameras if higher required. The system is run using the proprietary nextStar plus software and outputs a continual image ribbons to a network attached Ribbon Storage Device (RSD).

Key Features & Specifications


  • Uses a high-resolution camera

  • Scans 16mm and 35mm film

  • Scans all types of fiche including COM and aperture cards

  • Captures microfiche at speeds up to 190 ppm

  • Captures roll film at speeds up to 200, 400,600 or 800 ppm depending on model

  • Scans various sized documents in both image orientations

  • Patented LuminTec Stroboscopic illumination system produces higher quality images

  • Optional title bar capture capabilities

  • Simultaneous capture and output to maximize throughput

  • Multiple output file formats

  • Captures 3 levels of blips

  • Enhancement of signatures and handwritten data

  • Single fiche scanning or optional auto-loader for unattended scanning

  • Has the unique Ribbon Scanning software that captures all images

microfilm rolls
jacketed microfiche
aperture card

LuminTec Lighting Technology

LuminTec Lighting increases image clarity without slowing down capture speed. It does this using light tuned to the CCD and then strobing for each scan line.

  • Sharper images

  • No infrared emissions

  • 100,000 hour Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

  • 1/10the the power consumption of incandescent systems

lumintech light on flexscan
ribbon scanning screenshot

nextScan Ribbon Scanning Technique

Ribbon scanning is  technique that captures a full roll of microfilm or an entire microfiche card in one continuous image which can be later be separated into individual images. This technique features edge-to-edge scanning that guarantees 100% capture of images, preventing information loss and reducing the need for re-scans.


For easier, more efficient scanning, our accessories are specifically designed to make your projects more streamlined.

  • Autoloader – quick, silent, accurate, customizable for all fiche formats, holds up to 200 microfiche, 150 jackets or 100 aperture cards

  • Expanded digital storage (RSD) – so you have enough room for your projects

flexscan with fiche module

flexScan Productivity

  • flexScan 600

    • 3-jacketed fiche/min,

    • 180 fiche/hr

    • 16mm, 24 x (reduction ratio) roll film at 600ppm - 4mins per roll

  • flexScan 400

    • 2 jacketed fiche/min

    • 120 fiche/hr

    • 16mm, 24x (reduction ratio) roll film at 600ppm - 7mins per roll

    • 20 seconds for jacketed 5 row fiche, 12 seconds per aperture card

  • flexScan 200

    • 1 jackets fiche/min

    • 60 fiche/hr

    • 16mm, 24x (reduction ratio) roll film at 600ppm - 13mins per roll

Scanning Software

monitorwth nextStar plus software

NextStar PLUS 


Workflow software platform featuring the ribbon scanning technique which ensures 100% capture edge – to – edge scanning of the entire roll, NextStar PLUS software optimizes time, speed and quality in the digitization process. It reduces the need for rescans and minimizes operator set up and QA / QC, streamlining scanning.


Included with software:

  • Automatic frame detection and classification

  • Allows manual corrections before output

  • Tri-level blip detection

  • True optical resolution for all reduction ratios or DPI

  • Outputs in most standard image formats

  • Global and custom Image enhancement for each image

  • Automatic exposure and gamma adjustment

Optional Software

Virtual Film


Virtual Film is a product that allows the RSD (ribbon storage device) to become a long term microfilm archive at a lower cost than other archiving methods. The archive has the ability to index, edit images and export into most standard formats and the ribbons cannot be viewed without authorization. Can be purchased separately.

  • Lower cost than other archiving methods

  • QC / QA can be done at time of demand

  • Index, edit and export images

  • Can be password protected

virtual film on monitor
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