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Eye popping speed with a gentle touch

CopiBook V Book Scanner

Manufactured by

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Resolutions up to 600dpi

Two 71mp Eagle Cameras

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120 book holder icon

120° V - shaped cradle for bound materials

pressure sensor artwork

Adjustable scan glass with intrusion sensor

The CopiBook V is i2s’ first true V-shaped book scanner designed for delicate or tightly bound materials. Using their 2 decades of book scanning experience, i2s has designed a dual camera system that utilizes their highly successful Eagle Camera.


The 120° book holder comfortably supports books and bound material up to 5.9 inches thick without placing any unwanted pressure on the binding. The enclosed scanner with two LED lights ensures consistent and shadow free scanning from beginning to end.

Left page of book scan
Right page of book scan

Image Quality & Productivity


The CopiBook V book scanner was designed using two 71 megapixel Eagle Cameras. The system utilizes a motorized glass plate with sensor to apply the exact amount of pressure desired on each page. This ergonomic design allows the user to comfortably sit and scan multiple books with ease.

  • CopiBook V-A2 Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi Optical

  • CopiBook V-A1 Resolution: 400 x 400 dpi Optical

  • Compliant with FADGI 3 Star, ISO 19264, and Metamorfoze Imaging Standards

  • 80% resolution efficiency (9.5 lp/mm) at 600 dpi

  • Auto centering book cradle for consistent focal distance

  • Glass design allows the camera to capture text up to 2mm from center of gutter

  • Two symmetrical LED lights located in the front and back to eliminate shadows

  • Images are saved and processed in the background while scanner is in use

Eagle Camera

Designed and manufactured by i2s, the Eagle Camera is a high efficiency camera with 71 Megapixels for strict image quality requirements. Using an area array, it can capture a full A2 size surface area at 400 dpi. The Eagle camera is designed for clarity, detail, and speed.


Eagle Camera Advantages:

  • SIGMA optics and processing algorithms give the best quality images in the center as well as the corners

  • FADGI 3 Star compliant

  • < 1 second scan time

  • Real time color preview

  • Camera has an electronic (non-mechanical) shutter for long camera 

  • Auto-focus

  • USB 3.0 for fast data transfer

71 megapixel eagle camera
CopiBook V shape scanner



The CopiBook V book scanner is available in two different models: CopiBook V-A1 (2xA2 scan size) and the CopiBook V-A2 (2xA3). Besides scan size and max optical resolution, both models are near identical in their scanning features and production.


  • Captures in color, greyscale and bitonal

  • <1 second scan time in color

  • Ergonomic working area for sitting operators

  • Motorized glass to open and close for operator comfort

  • Simultaneous dual camera capture

  • Lighting does not shine in the operator’s eyes

  • Foot pedals for hands free scanner control

Additional Information

  • Polished glass with smooth edges to protect materials and operators from cuts

  • Scalable glass pressure from 0 to 44lbs

  • Safety system detects any intrusions between the glass and material

  • Non-reflective glass is polished to capture high glass material without glare

  • Electronic glass mechanism is much quieter than other pneumatic systems on the market

  • i2S Image Enhancement Software (Curvature Correction, Deskew, and Finger Masking)

  • Real time color preview

  • UV and IR free LED lighting

  • 1 Year Service Agreement and Hardware Warranty Included

  • 51.18” (130cm) W x 45.28” (15cm) D x 71.65” (182cm) H

CopiBook V Book Scanner by i2s

Included Software

LIMB Capture screen shot

LIMB Capture


LIMB Capture is an easy to use software that captures and enhances scans on the i2s CopiBook V with powerful features such as auto detection, curvature correction, deskew, and multiple format export. Included with scanner.

  • Allows multiple outputs based on frame properties

  • ICC profiles for color management

  • Fine-tuned calibration features available

  • Thumbnails for image review

Optional Software

LIMB Suite


The LIMB Suite is a comprehensive software suite that covers all aspects of the digitization process (image enhancement, QA, OCR, format processing, metadata, workflow management, and online distribution). LIMB is compatible with scans captured from any scanner or camera, not just i2s. Available for purchase as an additional option.

  • Step by step tools

  • Ability to add metadata & convert formats

  • Easy exporting & sharing

  • Intuitive workflow interface

LIMB Processing Screen shot

Technical Specifications

Scan format

  • TIFF (multipage) , JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, PDF (multipage), PNG, DNG


  • Fast scan and cycle times

  • Cool LED lighting for even lighting across scan surface

  • Images are saved during scanning process to speed up production

  • Capture Modes: 24-bit Color, 8-bit Grayscale, 1-bit BW

  • Captures in color, grayscale, and bitonal


  • Auto-centering book cradle

  • Fully automatic settings: focus, exposure time, white balance, format detection




Additional information

  • 2xA3+ or 2xA2+ 120 Degree Book Cradle

  • Motorized Vertical Movement

  • 2 High Resolution i2s Cameras with CCD Area Sensor

  • 18.9" x 12.6'' Max Page Scanning Dimensions

    • A2 Model: 18.9'' x 12.6'' per page

    • A1 Model: 25'' x 17'' per page

  • True Optical Resolutions

    • A2 Model: 600 x 600 dpi

    • A1 Model: 400 x 400 dpi

  • Book thickness size adjustment

  • i2S Image Enhancement Software (Curvature Correction, Deskew, and Finger Masking)

  • V-Glass designed without sharp edge cutting glass

  • Motorized glass is designed to come down at the exact same position

  • Glass automatically releases if it detects any interference

  • Lights are angled to not shine in operators eyes

  • Durable and long lasting

  • 120 opening for no glare on images

  • Intuitive software design for easy training

  • 6 x USB 2.0 ports- for quick saving

  • 900 pages/hr at 600 dpi

  • 1 Year Depot Warranty

  • Handles books up to 44 lbs

  • Scanner Footprint: 53.2''(W) x 78.8''(D) x 82.7''(H)

  • Table Footprint: 29.6''(W) x 29.6'' (D) x 28.4'' (H)



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