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LIMB Maestro


Efficiently plan, prioritize, and optimize digitization projects

Focused on saving time and enriching productivity, LIMB Maestro offers a unique solution to planning and prioritizing digitization projects. Maestro is a supervisor for LIMB Processing and LIMB Gallery that is there at every step of the process with a user friendly interface. Maestro is the supervisory tool from the LIMB suite needed to make your materials available to the world.

Key Features of LIMB Maestro

Design Your Workflow


Use your unique requirements to customize your workflow.

Prioritize Jobs


Quickly put higher priority jobs through the system first.

Detailed Reports


Log and monitor all events and production steps with real time reports.

Organize Production


All activities done by each user are centralized.

Track Your Documents


A barcode is assigned to each document and is scanned through each production stage.

Estimate Productivity


Predict project completion and detect possible conflicts.

For more in depth information about LIMB Maestro

please visit our LIMB Software Suite website

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