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Made for ultimate portability, the Gemini book scanner is the first easily transportable v-cradle scanner. It comes apart with two thumb screws; and therefore, requires no tools to set up for full working capacity. The entire scanner can fit inside a portable ATA-compliant travel case. The Gemini also includes Scantheus production software, which can easily crop, enhance, and save the images.

This revolutionary book scanner can be connected to any PC with a USB-3.0 port, making it a portable, easy-to-use, and efficient solution for production scanning.

Left Page of scanned book
right page of scanned book

Image Quality

Based on feedback from customers, the new Gemini is the product of the latest advancements in book scanning technology.

  • Two 300 dpi fixed resolution cameras

  • Customizable camera settings

  • Automated and customizable camera calibration

  • Calibration using color chart or black and white pages

  • Color, grayscale and bitonal capability



The Gemini book scanner is equipped with two 300 dpi cameras that scan both pages in a single scanner, and the v-shaped book cradle allows easy scanning of books and bound documents.

  • Captures material up to 10.3 x 13.75 inches (single page), 20 x 12.75 inches (spread)

  • 1 second scan time (single page), 2 second scan time (spread) at 300dpi

  • Ability to merge 2 pages at scan time or merge 2 scanned images from thumbnails.

  • Motion detect scan option - scan is triggered automatically after page turn

  • Single, Dual and Multipage Detection

  • Captures books with a two camera set up for faster scanning

  • Auto focus, exposure, white balance

  • Automatic or fixed capture area

  • Scanning can be triggered by app, cradle scan button, closing the glass or option foot pedal

  • Background image writes to improve productivity

sample scan
Scantheus Output

Additional Features

  • 135-degree v-shaped book cradle

  • Adjustable binding support

  • Ability to modify scanned pages (rotate, crop, auto deskew, manual deskew, delete, move)

  • Multiple output formats: JPEG, TIFF, PDF

  • Scalable DPI

  • Customizable thumbnail view

  • Live Preview showing Document Detect and Cropping

  • Ability to insert scanned pages anywhere in book

  • Auto Detect and Fixed Page Extraction

  • Customizable file naming

  • EXIF tag support

  • Single and Multipage file output

  • Ability to define fixed scan area (region of interest)


For easier, more efficient scanning, our accessories are specifically designed to make your projects more streamlined.

  • PC and monitor

  • ATA-compliant travel case

  • Foot pedal

Food Pedal for scanner

 Included Software

Scantheus sotware



Scantheus is a powerful, new book scanning software designed to meet demanding modern production needs with an array of robust yet simple features. Scantheus is able to run on the i2s CopiBook OS, Image Retrieval’s Gemini scanner and the Nikon D810 DSLR camera. Available for purchase as an additional option.

  • Simple interface

  • Customizable camera settings

  • Ability to define fixed scan area

  • Can automatically scan after each page turn

 Optional Software

LIMB Suite


The LIMB Suite is a comprehensive software suite that covers all aspects of the digitization process (image enhancement, QA, OCR, format processing, metadata, workflow management, and online distribution). LIMB is compatible with scans captured from any scanner or camera, not just i2s. Available for purchase as an additional option.

  • Step by step tools

  • Ability to add metadata & convert formats

  • Easy exporting & sharing

  • Intuitive workflow interface

LIMB Processing screen grab

Technical Specifications

  • 19” (L) x 19” (W) x 20” (H)

  • 24.9lbs

  • Electrical power: 110/240V – 60Hz

  • 1 year hardware and software warranty, extendable up to 3 years