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Image Retrieval is the American reseller of professional book scanners produced by

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IImage Retrieval is the exclusive distributor of i2S large format and professional book scanners in the United States

  How to Evaluate a Book Scanner

IImage Retrieval offers a wide range of planetary book scanners designed to meet most every need, and we want to help you find the best book scanner for your projects.

Please download our packet that details which option is right for you.

Book Scanner Models

CopiBook V 

A professional book scanner specifically designed to capture fragile or tightly bound material at 120°. The two camera system scans each page individually at resolutions up to 600 dpi. 

V cradle book scanner
CopiBook Open System

Simple enough for a volunteer and advanced enough for an experienced archivist, the CopiBook OS book scanner is ideal for scanning a wide variety of bound and loose leaf items at production speeds (<1 second per scan). 

CopiBook OS

i2s QUARTZ A1 Scanner

The Quartz A1 is the most versatile professional book scanner on the market, allowing users to capture up to A1 (24x43) sized items on either its flat table or a self-balancing book cradle.




The 2A0 is ideal for scanning all types of large format and oversized material up to 70x47” in color or greyscale; featuring a face-up design, the 2A0 ensures safe positioning for your valuable items.

Planetary map scanner
A0 planetary scaner

The most versatile and powerful professional book scanner on the market, the QUARTZ A0 is designed to scan books, maps, and other large format materials using its flat table scan surface and interchangeable self balancing cradle with pressure sensitive scan glass.



CopiBook OS A1

A fast and efficient large format professional book scanner that can capture oversize books up to A1 size in less than one second. 

scanner for fragile books

The only A1 size professional book scanner that allows the user to capture bound material fully open or at 95° using the innovative book holder with self balancing cradle. The HD model captures up to 600 x 600 dpi optical across the full A1 surface. 



eScan Open System

Enhanced with high image quality and productivity, the eScan Open System is the first fully configurable book scanner on the market for either public access scanning or back office production digitization. 

public access scanner
71 mp camera

An excellent choice for DIY scanners, the same 71mp Eagle Camera found in many i2s scanners can be purchased for your "home made" scanning system. It is compliant with FADGI 3 Star, Metamorfoze and ISO 19264.

Eagle Camera 71mp

DL Mini by 4 Digital Books

This is the first completely automatic book scanner that scans and turns pages from all types of books, magazines and bound newspapers while respecting the safety of the bindings.

robotic book scanner
Portable Book Scanner


A fully portable book scanner designed to capture bound material up to 20 x 13.75 inches. The scanner conveniently collapses and can be packed into a hard case for easy scanning on the go.

Refurbished Scanners

The CopiBook line has been i2s’ most popular scanner line for the past decade. We offer used and refurbished book scanners for those looking to purchase an archival scanner on a budget. 

Refurbished Book Scanner